5 Major Points Why Taiga (Siberian) Red is Unique. Dialogue with Dr Soultanov series.

1.  Siberian Red is Unique   It is 100% Natural and Ecologically viable product. It contain no; aromatisers, colouring, preservatives, sugar, alcohol, different stabilisers, water from outside sources. It is the ideal supplement for health through the stages of life.  Baby to Elderly   2.  Technology is original and authentic   Allows isolation of 100% balanced product by preserving living qualities.  Extraction process…

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Taiga (Bioeffective)A 320 Success Story with Helicobacter Pylori

Some more great feedback this time with Taiga Professional A 320 (Formerly Bio A).   “Hello Mark and Cameron, Thanks again for your brilliant supply of the Conifer Green Needle Complex. I went to the doctor today to get my results of the UBT and all went well. In fact the doctor was smiling from ear to ear and we did a high5….

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Feedback from Elite Tennis Player who has started on Siberian Red

Hi Mark,   Thought I’d give you an update on the Siberian Red!   Feeling a big difference in the way I’m able to focus on court and even starting to like the taste!     Siberian Red will cleanse and re-educate your palate.  If people say to us about the taste (Tastes like a Pine Forest!) at the start, we just say,…

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1. Deep Exploration of the Qualities of Taiga (Siberian) Red. Dialogue with Dr Soultanov

The following Blog series on Taiga (Siberian) Red, come from sitting with Dr Soultanov over many hours in Dialogue form on Siberian Red.  This means that the information being shared arises not only from Scientific Research, but out of a Reflective Process conducted by Dr Soultanov.  This Reflective Process is of double value when it is coming from Dr Soultanov because he wears…

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Elite Swimmer on Siberian Red

Siberian Red – A must have for any serious athlete!   I am a national level swimmer with over 13 years of experience in the sport and have been through all the phases that come with the sport. For a long time every time I hit a training “slump” I have always thought there is nothing to do but wait it out which could…

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