Elite Swimmer on Siberian Red

Siberian Red – A must have for any serious athlete!   I am a national level swimmer with over 13 years of experience in the sport and have been through all the phases that come with the sport. For a long time every time I hit a training “slump” I have always thought there is nothing to do but wait it out which could…

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Evolutionary Biology and Mismatch Diseases

Evolutionary biologist, Daniel Lieberman in his book ‘The Story of the Human Body’ suggested that medicine could benefit from a dose of evolution. Whilst evolution may appear irrelevant to medicine at first glance, our body is not engineered like a car; rather it evolved over time with modification. It therefore follows that knowing your body’s evolutionary history helps us understand why your body…

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The History, Growth, Maturation and Sophistication of the Conifer

Conifers are arguably the most successful members of the Plant Kingdom and rank among the most enduring of all living things on earth.  At Pine Needle Products, we have coined the term ‘Natures Toughest Trees.’   Eight families of early conifers still exist, including the Pinaceae family of pine, cedar, hemlock, spruce and fir, with a fossil record dating back to the Cretaceous…

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Bioeffective A 320 is now Taiga Professional A 320

Bioeffective A is being re-branded to point towards the source of these amazing products! The Wild Siberian Taiga Forest. Please click on the link below for 3 perspectives of the new brand, including changes to Siberian Red!! taiga-brochure1 Remember, when you buy from us, you buy from the team, who are using and researching these products as an educational resource for you. Please…

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Dealing with Stress, considering Brain-Gut Axis, Evolution and the Role of Bioeffective A.

The only factor that limits the use of ketones by the brain is the rate of ketone production by the liver.  This is why liver function is tightly linked to brain function.   Liver disease in humans leads to hepatic encephalopathy, a worsening of brain function when the liver can no longer detoxify the blood.   Once you think about how the gut…

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